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Photography--Early works to 1850

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Photography--Early works to 1850

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Photography--Early works to 1850

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Spira 19th and 20th century foreign language photography publications

  • F 2008.004
  • Collection
  • 1866-1975

The collection contains books and bound periodicals on the subject of photography. Subjects include instructional guides, process descriptions, art photography, early photographic chemistry and product catalogues. Some publications include tipped in photogrpahs. TThe primary language of the collection is German, with a few Spanish, Russian, Czech, and Japanese publications.
Periodicals include:
Allgemeine Photographische Zeitung (January 1924-December 1926)
Photofreund (1924)
Photofreund Jahrbuch (1924-1934)
Photographische Archiv (1866, 1871-1891)
Photographische Correspondenz (1878, 1889-1908, 1928, 1932, 1947-1951)

Spira, Jonathan

W.H. Fox Talbot mouse trap camera [replica]

It is a replica built in the style of the small "mousetrap" cameras designed by William Henry Fox Talbot in the mid 1830's . They were simple wooden boxes with a single lens used to expose paper negatives, sensitized by silver nitrate (the calotype or Talbotype process). Exposures often took hours, and Talbot had several of the cameras made by a local joiner near his country home in Laycock, Wiltshire. This replica was built by Wilhelm E. Nassau to demonstrate the loading and exposing of light sensitive paper in an early camera type. In the sliding holder the sensitive paper could be inserted into the camera and exposed for several minutes. The paper slide can be replaced by a matt screen. The lens is a simple achromatic design.

Nassau, Wilhelm E.

Early Canadian Photography

File contains 35mm slides produced from original objects and books belonging to the Ryerson Image Centre, focusing on the items in their collection produced by Canadian photographers in the latter half of the 19th century. Photographers include; B.F. Baltzley, George Barker, R. Bell, Ernest Brown, F.G. Clauded, F. Dally, G.M. Dawson, Edward Dossetter, D.B. Dowling, Dunmore & Criterson, Elliston & Co., W. England, Erwing & Co., Faribault, A. Henderson, H.L. Hime (Armstrong, Beere & Hime), Charles Horetzky, J. INglis, Ryder Larson, William Augustus Leggo, Livernois & Bienveau, J.W. Lowe, A.P. Low, R. Maynard, R.G. McLaughlin, J.G. Parks, Capt. Jason Peters, J. Richardson, G.P. Roberts, Alexander Ross, A.R.C. Selwyn, Stiff Brothers, L.G. Swain, W.J. Topley, J. Turner, J.B. Tyrell, J.P. Vallee, T.C. Weston, William Williamson.

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