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Postage stamps

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Postage stamps

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Postage stamps

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Postage Stamps series

Series consists of several collections of postage stamps, usually held in albums or envelopes with stamps printed on them.

red and white stamp folder

Red and white cardboard folder, the cover of which bears the image of Lenin and a stamp-shaped title area. Inside, the spine is reinforced with fabric, and the inside of the covers have plastic strips to hold postage stamps in place. The folder contains 15 Soviet postage stamps, mainly depicting Lenin in their imagery. Some stamps are Madagascan, Afghan, Soviet, Kampuchean and Ethiopian.

postcards with postal stamps honouring Lenin's 177th birthday

postcards with reproductions of paintings and the stamp made from that image. The images are scenes involving Lenin. The stamps are cancelled with an ink stamp. The ink stamp honours 177 years siince the birth of Lenin (22/04/1987) and indicates that the postcard was sent first class from Moscow. Verso is white and bears some Russian text.

Ornate carte de visite album

Brown leather cover with inset star surrounded by gold embossed patterns and blue beads. Spine also has embossed design and letters- "Photographs." Two gold clasps decorated with gold ribbons and rings. Inside cover has pink and gold pattern. Title page and index page included. White pages with window openings and gold borders. Page edges gilded and embossed. Some hand tinting on tintypes.

blue stamp albums with Ukrainian and Russian language stamps

blue, cloth-bound, hard cover albums with thick cardboard pages. Cover bears image of rocket and stamp perforated edge and reads: stamps. The pages include horizontal plastic strips to hold postage stamps in place on the pages. Each page is covered with interleaving tissue. Each album contains at least fifty Soviet postage stamps, many bearing the image of Lenin. Some depict the Ukrainian SSR.

envelopes with illustrations and comemorative postage stamps

various envelopes bearing illustratioins and Russian text, most including postage stamp and cancellation stamp. The cancellation stamps' designs honour congresses of the CPSU and anniversaries The envelops are not addressed. Some Ukrainian is written on an envelope in addition to Russian. It is a Ukrainian Communist Party Congress envelope.

grey postage stamp album

Grey cardboard album with grey plastic cover. Cover is decorated with several children's stickers. Pages have plastic strips to hold postage stamps and FDCs in place. Each page contains approximately 6-12 postage stamps, many bearing the image of Lenin, though only the first half of the album is full. several loose stamps, two children's stickers and a package of stamps and FDCs are found inside the front cover.

large green postage stamp album

Green hardcover album with black cardboard pages. Cover bears a gold symbol of postage stamp with inuit and caribou. Pages have plastic strips to hold postage stamps in place. The album holds at least one hundred Soviet stamps, many bearing the image of Lenin. several loose sheets of perforated stamps are placed between some of the rear pages.

All-union CPSU Conference ommemorative postage stamp

Framed commemorative postage stamp with a drawing of Lenin's head in the upper left corner, the Communist Party symbolic hammer and sickle in the lower left, and the Kremlin buildings to the right. Value 50 kopeks. It reads: Revolutionary restructuring - the ideology of renovation! XIX All-union conference of the CPSU. Mail USSR.

Records related to photograph production and publication

File contains records created in the production and publication of promotional photographs. Documents include: image captions for photographs of individuals, products, and war-related munitions work; picture files for photographs for the 1962 annual report; correspondence with external individuals requesting usage rights; correspondence regarding the Kodak commemorative stamp photographs, product images, and Kodak Ltd.'s coronation photographs; and photography release forms. Most records in file were unfortunately divorced from their accompanying photographs at some point during their life cycle.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Canada Stamps

Stamps are largely blue and green. Have two gentleman in them, one larger in the background and a smaller one in the foreground with a photographic viewer. Writing on the stamps possibly identifying the figures, "G.E. Desbarats, W. Leggo 1869."