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  • Blank books or albums designed so that a variety of items may be affixed to the pages, including photographs, clippings, and other memorabilia.

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  • UF Scrapbook
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  • UF Scrap Albums
  • UF Scrap-books

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Theresa Voigt RIOT scrapbook

  • RG 215.02
  • File
  • 1976
  • Part of RIOT

This file contains a scrapbook used by Theresa Voigt to document RIOT '76. The scrapbook contains photographs, marketing materials, correspondence, stage designs and diagrams, newsletter and newspaper clippings, and programs.

William Thomas and Oakham house

A scrapbook "William Thomas of Oakham House" containing news clippings, photographs, correspondence and committee records pertaining to Oakham House and the architect and original owner, William Thomas.

Alumnae World War II scrapbook page 2

Second page in scrapbook. Front has typed note "Box sent to Miss M. McMullen for Easter in March 1946". Underneath this is a newsclipping listing the contents of Overseas parcel no. 129 and the cost for shipping parcel.
Back of page has typewritten "Contents of boxes sent to overseas nurses Xmas 1945". Underneath this are two typed lists of box contents for Parcel No. 83 for servicemen, and parcel no. 90 for civilian in the British Isles.

Alumnae World War II scrapbook page 8

On the front of page 8 is a typewritten list of recipients of Christmas 1944 boxes and cards sent by the Alumnae Association. Included are Lieutenant Nursing Sisters J. McCready, E. Rudd, E. M. Brown, M. Hillman, M. R. Adams, L. Hamblin, K. Fisher, M. Montizambert, M. Littlejohn, H. Pangman, D. McKnight, H. Haugh, E. Moore, G. M. Stewart, C. J. Cuthbert, M. Montgomery, and L. Jamieson. Box also sent to Major Alex G. Shaw. Cards were sent to Captain E. C. Noble, Miss H. Cunningham, Miss M. McMullen, and Major C. A. Tavener.

Back of page is typewritten inventory of the contents of overseas boxes as well as the inventory of parcel 62 for servicemen.

Alumnae World War II scrapbook page 11

Front of page 11 has a typewritten list of items placed in the boxes sent to Nursing Sisters in Africa. Box recipients were C. Tavener, H. Pangman, C.J. Cuthbert, L. Jamieson. At the bottom of the page is the mailing costs for all of the boxes sent out for Christmas, 1943.

Back of page has content listing for civilian boxes sent which were sent to Helen Cunningham (class of 1923), and Mildred McMullen (class of 1926). Bottom of page has list of recipients of letters and airgraphs (same as those sent boxes).

Alumnae World War II scrapbook pages 55-56

Two page typewritten letter from Jean Wood, secretary-treasurer of the Toronto Branch of the British Minesweepers Auxiliary. The letter thanks Grace Bolton and the Alumnae for the knitting they have done since Aug. 4, 1943, listing all the items contributed. It also thanks them for sending money to cover the wool provided by the auxiliary for the projects.

Alumnae World War II scrapbook page 65

Letter from Mrs. A. J. MacKenzie, wool convenor, of the Toronto Chapter of the British Mine Sweepers Auxiliary - Overseas Parcels League thanking the Wellesley Alumnae for their contribution of 4 pairs of navy socks, 5 pairs of navy mitts, 1 pair of gloves, 4 seaman's caps, 2 ribbed helmets (balaclavas), and 8 turtle neck tuck-ins.

Alumnae World War II scrapbook page 87

Letter from Mrs. W. G. Shedden, secretary of the Ladies Auxiliary - Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve. She thanks the Wellesley Alumnae of their knitted contribution of 12 pairs of navy socks, 4 pairs of grey socks, 7 scarves, 2 turtleneck sweaters, 5 pairs of mitts, 2 pairs of two-way mitts, 2 pairs of seasocks, 6 helmets, and 2 tuck-ins.


Folder with a metal clip inside and photograph of Lenin on the cover page. Inside 10 loose pages with glued photographs of Lenin, Krupskaya, Soviet children, pioneers, Red Square. Some photos have hand written comments. The title page features a quote by Lithuanian Soviet poet Vytautas Montvila: Geniuses come and disappear again, Lenin came forever.


Folder with a metal clip inside for holding pages with pinch holes. The title page reads: Chants. First part of folder contains printed song text. In the second part are drawings with short hand written poems. Some have glued pictures. Most of the text is Lithuanian, but there is also some Russian.

Alumnae World War II scrapbook page 17

Letter from Nursing Sister Rae Adams. Letter is blue and folds up into its own envelope - an armed forces air letter. Her letter is dated 3 days after D-Day and the landing on the beach at Normandy by Allied Forces. Rae Adams had been injured during an air raid on Catania, Sicily, on September 2, 1943 when anti-aircraft shell fell on No. 5 Canadian General Hospital, injuring her and 11 other nurses. She was sent back to England for recovery.