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Sound recordings

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Sound recordings

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Ryerson Band, 1948

Audio recording of the Ryerson Band in 1948. The audio tape was recorded from and vinyl album version. Location of the original is unknown.

Women and Politics conference audiocassettes

File contains 19 master and 19 copy audiocassette recordings from the Women and Politics conference held November 7-8, 1986.
The tapes include:

RG "Political Women tell what it takes" - forum held Friday November 7 at 7:00pm. Speakers included Iona Campagnolo, Barbara McDougall, and Alexa McDonough

RG "Sex and Power" - Session held Saturday November 8 12:45-1:15pm.
Speaker was Christina McCall

RG "Where do we go from here" - Session held Saturday November 8 3:45-4:15pm. Wrap up session led by conference organizing committee members Libby Burnham, Audrey Herrema, and Loraine Wilson

RG "How to Make Government Work for you - Federal and Provincial" - Saturday November 8 morning workshop 1 9:45-11:45am. Workshop lead by Pauline Browes, Heather Peterson, Ruth Grier, and chaired by Margaret MacMillan

RG "How to Make Government Work for you - Municipal and School Board" - Saturday November 8 morning workshop 2 9:45-11:45am. Workshop lead by Joanne Campbell, Beverly Salmon, Nadine Nowlan, Fran Endicott, and chaired by Pat Petersen

RG "Running and Winning Part 1" - Saturday November 8 morning workshop 3 9:45-11:45am. Workshop lead by Maria Minna, Gina Brannan, Meg Griffiths, and chaired by Connie Bryant

RG "Can you be a feminist in Politics" - Saturday November 8 morning workshop 4 9:45-11:45am. Workshop lead by Michele Landsberg, Lorna Marsden, and Chaviva Hosek

RG "Mobilizing around issues" - Saturday November 8 afternoon workshop 1 1:30-3:30pm. Workshop lead by Maude Barlow, Ellen Campbell, Kay Sigurjonsson and chaired by Marilou McPhedran

RG "Running and Winning Part 2" - Saturday November 8 afternoon workshop 2 1:30-3:30pm. Workshop lead by Elinor Caplan, Lynn McDonald, Bette Stephenson and chaired by Naomi Black

RG "Influence and Power" - Saturday November 8 afternoon workshop 3 1:30-3:30pm. Workshop lead by Kay Stanley, Wendy Cuthbertson, Lucie Pepin and chaired by Sylvia Bashevkin

RG "Dealing with the Press" - Saturday November 8 afternoon workshop 4 1:30-3:30pm. Workshop lead by Mary Lou Finlay, Judy Steed, and chaired by Sally Barnes.

Ryerson Song - compact discs

2005 digital copies of "The Ryerson Song" and related audio material. The Ryerson Song was originally written in 1950 and first recorded onto 78 rpm audio disc. Tracks on these audio compact discs are: 1 Full 16 minute recording direct from Cassette. 2 Ryerson song from cassette. 3. Ryerson Song crackle and click removal. 4. Ryerson Song crackle and click removal plus noise reduction. 5. Ryerson Song crackle and click removal plus noise reduction and equalization.

Ryerson Song - vinyl audio discs (records)

According to Al Sauro, Ryerson pioneer and former faculty member and dean, the original Ryerson Song was written in five minutes, at the request of Principal Howard Kerr, who wanted to promote school spirit, especially during Ryerson sporting events. The Song was written in 1950. The following year, the Song was modified by both Sauro and Rennie Charles, the Song's co-writers. A new verse was written as the first verse ("Give us light...") whereas the original two verses ("RIT we will fight..." and "Long may you thrive...") and music served as refrain. It appears that the Ryerson Song may have been known mainly for its second and third verses, as the first verse is rarely referred to in documentation relating to the Song. The lyrics for the Song can be found in the "Music at Ryerson" documentation file. The instrumental rendition of the Ryerson Song, played by the Ryerson Band, was initially recorded on a 78 rpm audio disc (RG 210.5.06). It was subsequently dubbed onto contact disc in 2005 (RG 210.5.05) by John Hajdu of the Digital Media Projects Office. Documentation and descriptive information regarding the transfer process to CD are included with A. 2006-014. As well as the approimately 2 minute song, the Ryerson Band plays several jazz numbers on the reecording for a total time of 16:40.

Hospitality Update '83 audio-cassettes

Audio-cassettes recorded at the 1983 Hospitality Update student conference held January 28 and 29. The January 29 recordings appear to have been done in two different locations.

RG Tape 1: January 28, 1983 - Opening Symposium, 7:00pm - 8:15pm
RG Tape 2: January 28, 1983 - Opening Symposium, 8:15pm - 10:00pm
RG Tape 3: January 28-29, 1983 - A. Bernard Campbell, 10:00pm - 10:15pm. - B. Glen Blake, 9:15am - 10:00am
RG Tape 4: January 29, 1983 10:00am - 12:23pm - A. Glen Blake and Atid Kaplan. - B. Atid Kaplan
RG Tape 5: January 29, 1983 - A. Atid Kaplan and Patrick Wilson. - B. Patrick Wilson and Doreen Hamilton
RG Tape 6: January 29, 1983 - Doreen Hamilton

RG Tape 1: Room LIB 72 - January 29, 1983 - A. Barbara Pickett. - B. Eddie Florijn
RG Tape 2: Room LIB 72 - January 29, 1983 - A. Eddie Florijn and John Cockburn. - B. John Cockburn and Patrick Wilson
RG Tape 3: Room LIB 72 - January 29, 1983 - A. Bob Cowan and Questions. - B. Questions and Discussion

Architecture building opening

Audiocassette recording of the opening of the Architecture building. Speaking are Murray Paulin, Dr. Brian Segal, Board of Governors chairman Colin Graham, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario John Black Aird, and Premier of Ontario William Davis.

Tony Wilkinson farewell

Audiocassette recording of Anthony (Tony) Wilkinson's farewell party. M.C. 'ed by Tom Sosa. Speakers include Tom Sosa, Colin Graham, Ron DeBurger, and Tony Wilkinson.

Information Services cassettes

File contains audiocassettes recorded by or collected by Information Services. Included are Bovey Commission hearings, presidential radio interviews, building openings, and press conferences.

Various topics

Audiocassette recording of various events. Included is David Crombie's resignation as Director of Student Services, a discussion of CIDA by the Assistant director, Reports to SURPI on the Blood Donor day, and candidating and proposals for SURPI election.

First Ontario conference on home support services for elderly and disabled people

File contains textual material relating to the conference. Included is a draft of purposes and objectives for a home support association; a summary of conference evaluations; a handbook on home support programs; and conference schedules and registration forms.
Also included in the file are 3 audio cassettes:
1) Mental Health Issues and the Elderly - Mary K. Harrison and Kenneth Schulman, May 31 Plenary Session
2) The government and home support: present policy and future directions - Art Daniels, May 30 Plenary Session
3) Home Support in Ontario - Gordon Cressy, May 30 Issue Session

Distance Education Workshops : Cassette Tapes, Brochures

RG 791.03.01.01 One cassette recording of a workshop held at Ryerson on May 18th with keynote speaker Dr. John Daniel, Academic Vice-President of Athabaska University, Edmonton. Tape is of Dr. Daniel's luncheon address.

RG 791.03.01.02 Three cassette recordings of the Distance Education in Canada Workshop held at Ryerson May 28-29, co-hosted by the Canadian Association For Adult Education. President Walter Pitman presented the welcoming address on the evening of May 28.Tape 1: Welcome speech; Introduction of IssuesTape 2: Discussion of Issue I (Copyright) and Issue II (Course Sharing)Tape 3: Discussion of Issue III (Feedback); Plenary Session; Closing

RG 791.03.01.03 Three cassette recordings of a Ryerson workshop held on May 8 to discuss the implications of the President's Working Group on Distance Education and their policy recommendations. Participants were representative from the various departments across the campus. The guest speaker was Fr. John Daniel, Academic Vice-President of Athabaska University, Edmonton.

Clevelands House Management workshop

File contains records on the staff "Weekend Workshop" at Clevelands House September 17 - 19, 1971. Clevelands House is located in Minett, Ontario in the Muskokas on Lake Rousseau.
The file includes copies of the information manual, correspondence, attendance lists, and audio cassettes of the proceedings:

RG Friday night - Donald Mordell
RG Friday night - Dr. Yates
RG Mordell summing up
RG Don Stone and John Eriks
RG Brainstorming friday night and Hugh Innis
RG Saturday AM
RG Saturday AM
RG Open College and Panel
RG Friday Night
RG Saturday AM and Saturday PM start

Brian Segal's address to the Ryerson Faculty Association

Brian Segal, President of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, addressed the Ryerson Faculty Association's Professional Affairs meeting on November 17, 1982. President Segal spoke about making Ryerson truly a "Polytechnic University in fact as well as name". He addressed the changes the needed to be undertaken. An article was published in the "Forum" newsletter November 26, 1982 regarding his address.
File contains 2 copies of the 60 minute speech.

Ryerson Media Centre

Atkinson Lectures - audio cassettes

Thirteen audio cassette recorded Atkinson Lectures ranging in dates between 1975 and 1985. The recordings were undertaken by Ryerson's Media Centre in LIB 72.
Recordings include:

RG Harrison Salisbury - February 5, 1975
RG Denis Cecil HIlls - September 30, 1975 [2 cassettes]
RG Pierre Berton - January 20, 1976
RG Frank Drea - April 4, 1978
RG Seymour M. Hersh - October 19, 1983 [5 cassettes]
RG Oakland Ross - October 16, 1984 [2 cassettes]
RG Tape 2, 1985 [no speaker indicated]

Ryerson Media Centre

Interview with Alan Collier

File contains cassette tape of Ted Brock's interview with Allan Collier. Alan Collier painted 2 murals in Howard Kerr Hall: "The Portico of Philosophers" in East Kerr Hall; and "Technology of the World" in West Kerr Hall.

Ryerson Electronics '52

Audiocassette recording of "Electronics Today" #2 AM vs FM broadcasting. and the Ryerson Six (five?) - Peter Elombe, piano; Gerry Hicks, Guitar; El Sauro, Bass; Stan Harris, drums; and Fred Herm, vocals.

Opportunities for Youth Community Concern Project: audio

One reel to reel audio tape recording of unidentified students talking about their experiences while working with various groups of people (senior citizens, children & their mothers, multicultural groups) as part of a Community Concern Project. Students were involved with teaching crafts, setting up nutrition programs, designing clothing and other projects related to their Home Economics program at Ryerson.

Union Fair - audio recordings - 1987

The 1987 Ryerson Union Fair was held Wednesday March 11, 1987 and was held in Jorgenson Hall and the Film and Photography building. Included with the audio cassettes is a copy of the work order for the creation of the audiocassettes.

File contains 10 audio cassettes of the speaker series sessions:

RG 11 am session - "Bargaining for Equality: Unions and Employment Equity" by Cindy St. Clair

RG 12 pm session - "Free Trade: What Future for Canada?" by Jo Surich, Ontario Federation of Labour

RG 1 pm session - "Occupational Health and Safety: the Hazards of Work" by Gary Cwitco, Ontario Federation of Labour

RG 2 pm session - "New Technology at Work: Whose progress?" by Darcy Martin, Communications Workers of Canada

RG 3 pm session - "Unions against Apartheid: Labour and South Africa: by Brenda Webb, Ontario Public Service Employees Union (2 cassettes)

RG 4 pm session - "Labour and the Media: The Gainers Strike" by Ed Seymour, United Food and Commercial Workers Union (2 cassettes)

RG 5 pm session - "Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value" by Irene Harris, Canadian Union of Public Employees

RG 5:45 pm session - "Unionizing the Professions: Recent Trends" by Kathy Viner, Association of Television Producers and Directors

Ryerson Media Centre

Union Fair - audio recordings - 1988

The 1988 Ryerson Union Fair was held Wednesday March 9, 1988 and was held in Jorgenson Hall. Included with the audio cassettes is a copy of the work order for the creation of the audiocassettes.

File contains 6 audio cassettes of the speaker series sessions:

RG - "Free Trade: What Future for Canada" by Jim Turk

RG - "Technological Change at Work" by Darcy Martin

RG - "The Role of Unions Today" by Donna Johanson and Mary Rowles

RG - "Pay Equity: Equality at Work" by Julie Davis

RG - "Labour and Social Change in Nicaragua" by Ron Pellerin, Jenny Green Memorial Lecture

RG - "Privatization and Contracting out - In Whose Interest?" by David Pearce

Ryerson Media Centre

CJRT miscellaneous audio programs

File contains reel to reel audio tapes of programs:

WALTER GORDON with Hugh Innis, 1977 Reel 73
Dan Donnelly - CANAMERICAN UNION NOW with Hugh Innis, 1978 Reel 74
George Radwanski on "TRUDEAU" with Hugh Innis, 1978 Reel 75
Tom Symons "THE SYMONS REPORT" On Education with Hugh Innis, 1978 Reel 76
Jim Peters (Arab View Of Peace Accords), 1978 Reel 77
Murray Paulin on WAR AND PEACE Symposium, 1978 Reel 78
Phyllis Clarke on TIM BUCK memoirs with Hugh Innis, 1978 Reel 80
Walter Pitman - Ryerson Funding Crisis, 1979 Reel 81
MAY MASKOW - Home Economics--FNCFS At Ryerson, 1980 Reel 82
Jim Peters On 101 Words And How They Began, 1979 Reel 116
Walter Pitman Speech: "A Polywhat?" 1980 Reel 117
Walter Pitman Speech: "Now Is Not Too Late", 1978 Reel 118

RIOT '66-7 audio tapes

  • RG 215.10
  • File
  • 1966-1967
  • Part of RIOT

4 professional grade 1/4" audio reel to reel tapes containing audio from Riot '66 and Riot '67

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