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Student Campus Centre -Time Capsule Project

A file documenting the Student Campus Centre "Time Capsule" project. The file consists of thefollowing:

  1. Letter from Ryesac listing their time capsule contents
  2. Letter from CESAR listing their time capsule contents
  3. Copy of a letter from Ryesac that was included in the time capsule
  4. Floor plans of the Student Centre with a red X marking the location of the buried time capsules.
  5. Photographs of capsule contents, letter and burial ceremony
    Co-arranged with CESAR RG 24.27.PRIMARY Location: RG 79.97

Public Supply

File contains materials from Public Supply. "Public Supply" is a piece in which the audience, by telephone,supplies the sound material. The performace was broadcast on CJRT on March 7 and was organized by Max Neuhaus.

Box Office records

File contains tickets for "Reunion", "Eat", "Tea", and "Supersystems"; daily box office data sheets; a schedule of events; and listings of people to receive complimentary tickets.


File contains poster mock-ups, draft and actual press releases, memos, and correspondence related to advertising SightSoundSystems.

CBC $50 Million Extension Plan press conference

RYERSONIAN, February 15 article, photographs re. Press Conference held at Ryerson announcing the $50 million extension plan for CBC. The Secretary of State, Hugh Faulkner, addressed approximately 120 RTA students and members of the Toronto press. RTA Chair, John Twomey, was instrumental in arranging this event.

The Pitch

This is an assignment for course BRD 044 (Business Aspects of Independent Television Production) whereby six teams of students try to sell their proposed series to a team of industry insiders.

Darts Club plaque

The plaque records the winners of tournaments held in the Darting Lounge of the Cornucopia Restaurant.

Ryerson Darts Club

Toque Tuesday materials

As part of the Canadian Federation of Students' cross- Canada event "Raising the Roof: Solutions for Canada's Homeless" program, February 2nd, 1999 was designated as 'Toque Tuesday' at Ryerson. Ryerson students sold toques on the streets and in subway stations to raise money for this program. This has become an annual event during the month of February.
Included in the file are posters advertising the initiative and 2 toques - one black and one blue.

Kodak Canada In Focus fortieth annual pioneers' banquet

File consists of Kodak Canada In Focus snapshots from the fortieth annual Kodak pioneers' banquet . Adhered to the verso of each are labels that indicate the images were for Kodak Canada In Focus, February 1979, Vol. 25 No. 2. Subjects named include: Jack and Kay McLean, Jack Burgess, John McLean, Ron Breen, Bob Searles, Don Spring, Elsie Dallan, Bernice Welsh, Cis Ball, Doug Harvey, Earl Plester, Art and Bett Hagerman, Bram Coles, Gabrielle Stewart, Alf Hall, the Chaplins, and the Randalls. Also included from this issue of In Focus is a portrait of Donald Miller, CP & P dept. for 40 years of service.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Opening of PET plant, Pro Convention & Kodak Fun Night

File contains contact sheets featuring images of Kodak employees at Kodak events, including the at the opening of Canada's first PET Bottle Polymer Plant (28 September 1990). There are also images of Kodak employees dressed up for Halloween at the Kodak Fun Night (4 March 1990). and at the Pro Convention Auction (5 March 1990).

Kodak Canada Inc.

Lectures: Invitation/Flyer/Posters

File consists of lecture notices, invitations and posters from the School of Disability Studies. It includes materials from the Distinguished Visitor Series and the Harry 'Red' Foster Commemorative Lecture series.

1995 1,000,000,000 Roll Kodak Gold

Item consists of a collection of 30 lapel pins with butterfly clutches. Pins are attached to small cards: "We hope that you will wear this special pin with pride, recognizing the collective contribution of worldwide CI Associates to the sale of the 1,000,000,000th roll of Kodak film in 1995. -Dave, Alex, and Charlie"

Kodak Canada Inc.

2006 Open House Gala 'Be Ahead of the Future' - audiovisual materials and textual records

RTA hosted a gala event on May 11 for alumni and friends of RTA to celebrate the first fully high definition (HD) broadcasting facility established in Canada as well as the upcoming launch of the first MBA in Media Management program and MA in Media Production to be offered in North America.

The Gala featured a live to tape program showcasing some of Ryerson's best known grads, a ribbon cutting ceremony and master class sessions with renowned HD experts in the field, networking with some of the industry's top producers, editors, camera operators, and on-air personalities and a tour of the state-of-the-art HD studio.

Included in the file are: Guest book, 2 DVD's: "Ahead of the Future Gala Event" May 11, 2006 - included at the end of DVD is the Legacy of Leadership film, 3 Invitations, 3 Program of Events, 3 Media packages that include the "A Legacy of Leadership" DVD.

1 DVD - "Ryerson University School of Radio and Television Arts: A Legacy of Leadership", produced by faculty member Richard Grunberg, was given to individuals attending the gala. This 7 1/2 minute DVD, narrated by RTA graduate and TV personality, Valarie Pringle, features historical clips of RTA, promotional footage about the program, comments from well-known graduates, e.g. Keith Pelley and Robert Sawyer, comments from several RTA faculty and comments from Ryerson's President, Sheldon Levy. The DVD also features clips of the Ryerson campus. A number of photographs and the film clips used in the early segments of the DVD are from the Archives. The comment segment from Jon Keeble, RTA faculty, was filmed in the Ryerson Archives, featuring an old RTA TV camera in the backgroud.

Invitation and envelope

Invitation. Inscription in black text reads, 'The President and Cadets of the Gunroom Mess request the pleasure of the company of Lieut. A.T. Orr at the Naval Cadets Command Ball to be held at Canadian Services College Royal Roads at 2100 on Saturday, the seventh of August. R.S.V.P The Gunroom Mess Secretary Cadet Training Establishment H.M.C. Dockyard, dress formal.'

Ryerson Campaign materials

Material has been arranged into three separate folders: Committee minutes and agendas; General arrangements and organization; and memorabilia - miscellaneous which includes posters, flyers, t-shirts, photograph etc.

Snow, Rain, Light, Wind : Weathering Architecture

The book consists of artistic photographs and text, with an accompanying DVD of snow, rain, light, and wind in moving images and still photographs, including those projected on building exteriors. File also contains a news release on the book.

Snow, Rain, Light, Wind : Weathering Architecture is a component of a larger project investigating "material innovations in architecture within the context of local and global climate and its changes...entitled, 'Malleable Matter.' " Filiz Klassen,Weathering Architecture.

Klassen, Filiz

Faculty of Arts posters

The file contains o/s posters, as follows :

  • The Role of Liberal Studies conference, 1986 : Career eduction for the 1990s, 1986

  • Ryerson in Europe - Credit Courses, 1993

  • Celebrating Authors event, 2012 ; See also folder RG 71.40. Poster created to advertise the Faculty of Arts Celebrating authors event to honour their faculty as authors. The March 2012 event was the first and was held at The Arts and Letters Club on Elm Street.

  • Jack Layton Lecture, 2012 - The inaugural and annual event created after Jack Layton had died in 2012. (Formerly RG 7.76.)

  • Recollecting the Nineteenth-Century Museum, 2015

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