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[GEMS Baseball Team]

Item consists of a black and white photograph of a boys' baseball team. The boys wear uniforms with GEMS on the front. They are sitting and standing on a grassy field. Five boys stand in the back, six sit cross-legged in front of them, and one boy is laying in front of all of them. There is a boy visible in the background, leaning on his bat.

[Jerry Sachs and Al Corbett in Sports Uniform]

Item consists of 15 black and white photographs. The photographs are of two young men engaging in different sports. According to the handwritten captions on the back of the photographs, two of these men are Jerry Sachs and Al Corbett. The photographs show the men posing in different athletic uniforms. Boxing, baseball and basketball are some of the sports the men are engaging in.

[Two Teenage Boxers]

Item consists of a black and white photograph of two teenage boys in boxing apparel. The boy on the left is wearing shorts, a tank top and shoes. His head is shaved and his arms are crossed. The boy on the right is wearing shorts, boxing gloves and shoes. They both have a wide stance and are looking at the camera.

Olympic torch bearer-road to Seoul

File contains an image of an Olympic torchbearer running with the torch. A caption included with the image reads: "This evening photo of an Olympic torchbearer on the road to Seoul was shot with Ektapress Gold 1600 film. Exposed at E.I. 1600, it demonstrates the film's ability to capture images under all but the dimmest available light. Photo copyright Maja Moritz, Bongarts Sportpressphoto, 1988."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Promotional Olympic and family photos

File includes promotional images from the 1992 Summer Olympic Games featuring: tennis, volleyball, running, and the Olympic torch. Other promotional imges include families enjoying the games, a child in the grass, and a grandson looking over his grandmother's shoulder as she blows out the candles on her birthday cake.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Process C-41 hot air balloon Calgary Winter Olympics balloon festival

Item is an image of a hot air balloon flying over autumn trees. It was made by Randle Taylor, a Kodak dealer from Toledo, Ohio, built the balloon to resemble a giant roll of Kodacolor VR-G film and displayed during the Kodak Balloon Festival in Calgary Alberta during the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Canada In Focus - Sport Special

Item is a group snapshot of Kodak employees wearing Kodak sweatshirts lined up under a banner that reads "The Todd Brooker Spirit Cup Challenge". A description enclosed with the print reads the date and issue, followed by "Kodak Sales and Market Dept. Sport Special Kodak Sweat Shirt's". It was featured in Vol. 1 No. 3 on pg. 8 of Kodak In Focus.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak, Official imaging sponsor of the 1996 Olympic games, Atlantic 1996

Item is a collections of butterfly clutch lapel pins. Pins are a square shape with rounded corners and have a cloisonne type appearance. The left side features the Olympic logo on top of a blue background with the words "100 / Atlanta 1996". The right side is gold with the words "Kodak / Official Imaging Sponsor of the 1996 Olympic Games" in black. These Olympic Games were the 100th Anniversary of the first Summer Games in Greece held in 1896.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Olympic

Item is a grey, crew neck T-shirt with a silk screen logo of a stylized 35mm roll of film and the official Olympic logo. The Eastman Kodak company sponsored the Olympic games from 1896 (Athens) until 2008 (Beijing).

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Advantix & Special Olympics

3 pins with butterfly clutches are attached to cards describing Kodak Canada's sponsorship of the Special Olympics World Winter Games taking place in Toronto and Collingwood, Ontario, February 1-8, 1997, including the specific ways they contributed to the event through camera and film technolgoy. The additional pins are individually packaged without the attached description. Pins represent a roll of Kodak Advantix Film with the Special Olympics logo and feature a cloisonne appearance.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Promotional shots of sporting activities

File contains promotional images of sporting activities. An enclosed caption reads: "Shooting from your subjects' level and using the sky as a background are both good ideas, whether you're at a football game or a beach." Acitivities include football, cheerleading, flying kites, sailing, rowing, skating, motorcycling, fishing, biking, skiing, baseball, archery, tennis, wrestling, and running. Also included is a panorama of the coast of New York City near the Statue of Liberty.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Promotional sports photos

File contains transparencies featuring promotional images of sports such as sailing, skiing, tennis, horseback riding, cycling, ribbon twirling, running, weightlifting, swimming, archery, basketball and a variety of other Olympic related sports.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics Publications

File contains publications by or about the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary., including 1986-87 National Teams Media Guide, Key to Calgary: Your Personal Guide to Calgary, Fourth team '88 Recognition Evening (March 25, 1988), The Olympic Movement, Champion: Canada's High Performance Amateur Sport Magazine (Winter 1998), Kodak Olympic Balloon Festival (September 1987) Agenda, Calgary Olympic Place (site of medal presentations), and CTV Olympic Broadcast notes.

Sampson, Paddy

Atlanta Official bid for 1996 Olympic Games

File contains the Vol. II of the Atlanta Official big for 1996 Olympic Games that was accepted in Tokyo, Japan on September 23rd, 1990. This publication is volume two of a five-set volume series to document "the spirit of Atlanta as it rose to the challenge of the quest for the games". The document was published in 1990 by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympics. On the Olympic vote chart featured on the last page of this document is shows that Toronto, Ontario came in third for the 1996 Summer Olympic bid.

Sampson, Paddy

Volunteer Training Manual Calgary '88

File contains volunteer manual for '88 Calgary Olympics. The binder is divided into five sections, including volunteers, Olympics, sports, venues and Calgary. It covers everything from board members, Olympics history, cultural disposition, and self test questions. File also contains two maps, (1) Olympic Saddle dome grounds and (2) Calgary Tourist and Convention Bureau Mini Map.

Sampson, Paddy

Letters and Well Wishers (a sampling) for Olympics

File contains letters and well wishers to Paddy thanking him for an excellent job as executive producer for the opening and closing games. Most letters are from friends and fellow Canadians and some American well wishers. In a note written to Paddy from Bill Pratt, President of the XV Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee, along with an 8 x 10 photograph. The photograph features William (Bill) Pratt (right) and (??)

Sampson, Paddy

Paddy Sampson Olympic Ephemera

File contains several personal and Olympic ephemera including (1) Liberal Party of Canada cards (x3), Paddy Sampson OCO'88 name badge, XV Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee R.J. (Paddy) Sampson business cards (x4) and Parking Location number. (2) Daily planners (x5) including 1985 pocket diary and 1985 jumbo calendar pad as well as January - March, March - May and November 1986 - January 1987 Pocket Day-Timer. (3) Calgary 1988 Olympic Winter Games MEDIA GUIDE Countdown 500 (4) The Best of Calgary Fall/Winter 1987/88, Olympic Review 1987: Official Publication of the Olympic Movement (March 1987) and Olympic Charter 1982 (Paddy's name written on front cover).

Sampson, Paddy

Letters to Editors - Olympics

File contains letters to the editor of such newspapers as the Calgary Herald, Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star. Some letters praise the opening ceremonies, Calgary and the winter Olympics, volunteers while others criticize the Western (stampede), representation of Canada.

Sampson, Paddy

OCO Rights and Agreements

File contains the rights and agreements papers between International Olympic Committee and XV Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee and CTV Television Network Ltd. Additionally this outlines games schedule, incidental rights, official film, advertising and promotion rights, insurance, music, confidentiality, independent contractors and all additional provisions.

Sampson, Paddy

Ceremonies Budget 1986-88

File contains financial records for the 1988 Calgary Olympic games. The file was divided into 1986/1987, 1987/1988 fiscal records for opening and closing ceremonies. Many of the records are stamped as confidential. Many of the costs relate to cost to use McMahon, performers, props, the construction and operating costs for the flame, volunteer costs, etc.

Sampson, Paddy

Opening and Closing Ceremonies Info

File contains the scripts for the opening and closing ceremonies. Also contained in file are pictures of the Final Olympic Torch Bearer, 12 year old Robyn Perry (.01, .02, .03) and Korean Participants at Closing Ceremonies (.04, .05, .06). Also includes Paddy Sampson's Arts Team '88 Olympic Arts Festival Team '88 identification card(.07). This card allows access only to venue(s) and on date(s) indicated above. This card must be worn at all times. There is also a photocopied document of the Official Report of the XXIIIrd Olympiad Los Angeles 1984.

Sampson, Paddy

Pocket size Olympic Information Guides

File contains three pocket-size information guides including, Team '88 Handbook, XV Winter Games Telephone Directory and Accreditation Information and Presse Information Olympiamannscheft der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik. All three information guides provide code of conduct, health and safety, important and emergency contacts, description of sports and accommodation information.

Sampson, Paddy

Medical Services

File contains a box set called Medical Services Manuals and contains three pocket-size publications titled, Medical Controls, Drug Formulary and Medical Guide (complete with box container). All of the Publications are published specifically for the Calgary 1988 Olympic Winter Games printed in French and English.

Sampson, Paddy

XV Olympic Winter Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies

File contains two copies of the XV Olympic Winter Opening Ceremony (40 pages each) and two copies of the XV Olympic Winter Closing Ceremony (24 pages each). The Opening Ceremony publication highlights the behind the scenes as Calgary prepares for the Olympics, sews costume, music and choreography, and some highlights from the actual event. The Closing Ceremony publication covers the three Acts presented to show contemporary skating in Canada (Act I), skating in Canadian history (Act II) and modern spin on cowboy themed skating performance (Act III). There is also a final section on Canadian Olympic figure skaters (singles and pairs) who have won medals. All of the Publications are printed in French and English.

Sampson, Paddy

CTV Host Broadcast Unit

File contains the CTV Canada Calgary 1988 Host Broadcaster Unit staff outline (those with direct contact with venue personnel). The name Laderoute is legible on the cover- Bette Laderoute is the venue co-ordinator, daily press conferences Archie Boyce Pavilion. Laderoute will work with the producer Brian Vos to ensure that operations at this venue go smoothly.

Sampson, Paddy

Olympic Winter Games Canada 88 Team Handbook

File contains the Canadian Team Handbook published by the Canadian Olympic Association in collaboration with the Athlete Information Bureau and with financial participation of the Ministry of State, Fitness and Amateur Sport and the Labatt Brewing Limited. All of the Publications are printed in French and English.

Sampson, Paddy

Kodak people lawn bowling 1926-1937

File contains a panorama of lawn bowlers posed outside of a Canadian Kodak Co. building, a panorama of anonymous Kodak employees, an image of men lawn bowling with the inscription "Testing Dept Lawn Bowling Party" inscribed on the verso, an image of Ed Herbert and Fred Rowe lawn bowling, and other aerial views of men lawn bowling.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak lawn bowling and professional figure skater

File contains two photographs. One features an image of a group of men lawn bowling with a sign in front that reads "38th Annual Kodak Rink Lawn Bowling Tournament for the Cornell Trophy". The other features an image of a male figure skater wearing a sweater with an image of Kodak Kolorkins on it, also seen in 2005.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak promotional images of bullfighting, fishing, football and nature

File contains promotional images of various sporting and nature activities, including fishing, bull fighting, a deer in a sunset, baby birds in a nest, a white dove, a dog looking through a hole in a fence, a deer and fawn, and football. Most images are of bull fighting. One caption included with a bull fighting image reads: "When a camera incorporates a motor drive as the new Kodak's 300MD does, it only seems right to explore the potential in a series of pictures."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Golf Tournament miscellanea

The "Arts" Division annual golf tourney was initiated in 1981 and developed into an University-wide tournament in 1988. The materials consist of notices, photographs, a sampling of score cards, statistics (player scores, prize categories), sampling of a tournament contract and a trophy - given to the archives by former Dean of Arts, Terry Grier.

1988 Calgary Winter Olympics news Clippings

File contains news clippings about the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Publications include, Toronto Star, The New York Times, The Calgary Herald, Newsweek, and The Globe and Mail. Many of the reviews were positive although some criticized CTV as being less organized than ABC, both official Olympic broadcasting channels. Paddy Sampson was highly regarded for his work. He and his wide, Better Ladourette sold their Toronto home and moved to Calgary for thirty months so Paddy could oversee the Olympics project.

Sampson, Paddy, 1926-2005

Mattamy Athletic Centre at Maple Leaf Gardens

  • RG 326
  • Fonds
  • 1930 - 2012

The fonds consists of records and objects related to Maple Leaf Gardens and to Ryerson Mattamy Athletic Centre located within the former Maple Leaf Gardens building.

Jane O'Hara fonds

  • F 676
  • Fonds
  • 1997

Fonds consists of articles authored by O'Hara.

O'Hara, Jane

Ryerson Darts Club

  • RG 381
  • Fonds
  • 1980-1987

The trophies and the plaque were awarded at darts tournaments. One trophy is for the Ryerson Alumni dart championship.

Ryerson Darts Club

Portrait of boy holding paddle, beach setting

Item is a cream cabinet card with red letterpress at bottom, "G.A. OLDHAM, COLCHESTER." On verso, graphic design with text, "G.A. OLDHAM/ PHOTOGRAPHER/ AND/ MINIATURE PAINTER/ 11 QUEEN ST./ COLCHESTER/ NEGATIVES KEPT./ COPIES MAY BE HAD BY/ SENDING TO ABOVE ADDRESS./ Marion Imp. Paris, London - Déposé - Copyright." Photograph shows a boy holding a paddle, standing in front of a painted lake or seaside backdrop with a small boat on the shore. Boy is same as pictured in 2005.001.107.

G.A. Oldham Photographer and Miniature Painter

Curling team with trophy

Item consists of a cream coloured card mount with black and white print of a four man curling team posed on the ice with brooms, rocks and trophy. At bottom edge of print, handwritten in pencil, "TRIPPS". On verso, math problems handwritten in pencil across bottom; at top left, "9.50".

Y.M.C.A. Physical Culture Class

Item consists of a photograph of a group of young men in white t-shirts and shorts, with one man wearing a dark sweater in the centre. They all have their arms folded across their chests. At the bottom, a wooden sign is laid out with the words "W.M.C.A. PHYSICAL CULTURE CLASS". Photograph is mounted on brown card with the text embossed at the lower right, "Johnston/ WICK AND THURSO".

Alexander and James Johnston

They played ball and ate chicken

Item consists of a photograph mounted on grey card of a baseball team arranged in four rows, the first three sitting or kneeling. Handwritten (on the negative), "THEY PLAYED BALL (?) AND ATE CHICKEN/ AUG. 27TH 1908". At bottom left, also written on the negative, "PHOTO BY CHURCHILL".


Portrait of men in winter scene

Item is a cream carte de visite with photograph of two men, facing each other as if in conversation, but the right one looks at the camera. A painted winter backdrop with skaters on a rink is behind them. The men wear ice skates. On verso, in black letterpress "MILNE,/ Photographers,/ HAMILTON, ONT." At top, in pencil, "1.00".

Milne Studios Limited

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