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Kodak, Official imaging sponsor of the 1996 Olympic games, Atlantic 1996

Item is a collections of butterfly clutch lapel pins. Pins are a square shape with rounded corners and have a cloisonne type appearance. The left side features the Olympic logo on top of a blue background with the words "100 / Atlanta 1996". The right side is gold with the words "Kodak / Official Imaging Sponsor of the 1996 Olympic Games" in black. These Olympic Games were the 100th Anniversary of the first Summer Games in Greece held in 1896.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Nimslo 3D

Item is a four-lens, three-dimensional camera developed by Jerry Curtis Nims and Allen Kwok Wah Lo and manufactured in the UK. The camera has a plastic body and 4 identical lenses, coupled with a shutter that exposes the four square images in synch. When exposed, 35mm film was sent to the Nimslo Co. in England and a few other specialty labs. The customer received developed, autostereo (lenticular) colour prints, which allow a true stereo image without the use of glasses. This process was also developed by Nims and Lo.