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Electronic Information Literacy library staff workshops

The file consists of teaching aids for in-house, library staff workshops on electronic information. Delivered during the early years of electronic information, the workshops included using CD-ROM* databases and Boolean search functions, as well as the research potential of the World Wide Web, and the Lexis/Nexis periodical database service.

Most of the file is dedicated to the Internet - terminology and the functions of the World Wide Web : connecting to MATRIX (Ryerson computer network system) from which one could access e-mail, the Ryerson or Library home pages, discussion and news groups, or search the Internet using Gopher or browsers such as Mosaic (later Netscape), and surfing the Net with search engines (Alta Vista, Lycos, Yahoo, etc.).

The workshops strengthened staff research skills to assist students and other patrons with electronic information research. Most of the teaching aids are duplicates of the handouts, as well as overheads.

*CD-ROM is the acronym for Compact Disc Ready-Only Memory.

On-Line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) users survey

The file contains a draft report and blank survey on, On-line Public Access Catalogues (OPACs) in which five southern Ontario universities participated, The purpose, to measure user satisfaction of each university's computerized catalogue system. The survey was conducted by the University of Toronto. Ryerson's catalogue at the time was DOBIS, which ran on computer terminals.

Education in the Information Age

File contains 2 copies of the keynote address delivered by Robert Scott to The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers at the 14th International Television Conference. The Conference was held in Toronto on February 1, 1980. Also in the file is thank you letter from the President of the Society for his participation.

Fast Forward, Episode 2 - Toward the Ultimate System

Fast Forward was a 26 episode series on TV Ontario originally airing 1978-1979. The series examined the electronic revolution. Episode 2 - Towards the Ultimate System focused on a variety of total information systems including television, telephones, and computers. The episode originally aired on April 2, 1979.

Esther Deutsch fonds

  • F 489
  • Fonds
  • 1987-1994

Fonds consists of books authored or co-authored by Deutsch.

Deutsch, Esther

Books - published

This series contains published books:
-Study Guide to Accompany Financial Accounting: An Introduction to Decision Making. Second Edition
-Study Guide to Accompany Intermediate Accounting: Third Edition
-ACCPAC Plus User's Guide
-Study Guide to Accompany Financial Accounting: An Introduction to Decision Making,
-ACCPAC Plus Covers Version 5.0 User's Guide
-Study Guide to Accompany Financial Accounting
-Intermediate Accounting. First Canadian Edition, vol.1
-Intermediate Accounting. First Canadian Edition, vol.2